Photo copyrights Kristiina Välimäki

SAND (est. 2012) is a collective of researchers of the social, historical, cultural and material discourses which underlie and condition educational practices and structures. The collective members employ postfoundational, discursive, poststructuralist and/or posthumanist approaches. We are located in multiple universities and cities in Finland.

We conduct research of the material and discursive processes within which children become subjects as human children, teachers become subjects as teachers and students as students. This entails engaging with the theoretical assumptions on which current educational thought is based, and re-imagining the materially and discursively co-emerging conditions of education and childhoods.

Some of the inter/over/multidisciplinary research foci of the collective are:

  • Exclusionary discourses in educational institutions
  • Discourse of research based teacher education
  • Children’s everyday life beyond developmental discourses
  • Human–animal relations in challenging the humanist foundations of education
  • Emerging praxes in empirical posthumanist research of education and childhoods

SAND group picture